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Stories from Celia Sandys – Winston Churchill’s granddaughter.

Stories from Celia Sandys – Winston Churchill’s granddaughter.

It’s quite easy to see the sights of London – anyone can jump on the tube and travel from place to place visiting some of the world’s most historical and memorable attractions. When you travel with Tauck though, it’s even easier! Staying at the iconic Savoy Hotel, perfectly located on the Strand adjacent to Covent Garden, minutes from the infamous Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, an easy walk to Buckingham Palace and many other wonderful sights, my stay in London was off to a great start.

One of the many highlights though was on entering Gordon Ramsay’s famous restaurant, Simpsons, the venue for our farewell dinner, we were greeted as we entered the dining room by a lovely lady, Celia Sandys, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill, a man who during World War II, when as Prime Minister of Britain held the countries destiny in his hands and is attributed with helping the allies win the war. Celia accompanied her famous grandfather on some of his travels, most memorably on a cruise aboard Aristotle Onassis’s yacht, Christina - she has retraced his many journeys, spoken with people who knew, entertained, consulted or simply crossed paths with him.

It was with extreme pleasure that we listened as Celia shared her personal stories and experiences of growing up with this famous man who helped shaped the history of Great Britain. You could have heard a pin drop as every one of the 102 guests from our River Cruise hung on her every word. She was engaging, witty and extremely interesting. She received a standing ovation from every one of us at the conclusion of her speech (a term I use loosely as in reality, it felt more like a sharing of a story in an intimate environment rather than a speech). To top off the night, on returning to our gorgeous hotel room at the conclusion of our evening and sadly our tour, every guest had been delivered a signed copy of Celia’s latest book “Chasing CHURCHILL – The Travels of Winston Churchill, neatly presented on our turned down beds. This was one of the many Tauck gifts, known as a lagniappe (a Cajun word meaning ‘a little something extra’) we received throughout this, my most recent Tauck experience.

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