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Budapest to Prague River Cruise

Budapest to Prague River Cruise

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Arriving at night, my hotel greeted me with the best possible of Budapest across the river. Our welcome dinner set the scene for the next 14 days – exquisite food showcasing local specialties, divine drinks, and classy and perfectly pitched entertainment. A trip of true indulgence.

Our first day was spent exploring Budapest. In the morning we explored Buda, and the afternoon was dedicated to Pest. Both parts of the city are very cosmopolitan and dominated by its Soviet and Nazi past. We were delighted by a private small opera performance in the Opera House before embarking the ship.

As the local guide who dropped us at the ship whispered to me, “Tauck boats are the most beautiful vessels on the river.” We set sail at dusk to admire Budapest at its best. To quote one of my guides, “Budapest is like an old lady, best admired after dark.”

Our first port was Bratislava, a true hidden gem. Not many riverboats stop here, the big grey 1960s buildings that dominate the riverside are almost depressing but just two minutes walk into the town and you find yourself surrounded by truly beautiful and well preserved, historical European city.

I spent my free day in Vienna cycling around the city before enjoying an Imperial Evening in a private palace. Dressed for the occasion, my fellow passengers and I entered a non-descript doorway to a local palace, still owned and lived in by local nobility. We hesitantly climbed the grand staircase and entered a reception room where we were overcome by the beautiful stature of the room, the uniforms of the staff, the quality of the classical quartet and their period costumes. Only Tauck guests are invited inside this palace. And the Prince discretely checks on the party to ensure you leave mesmerised by an evening in his personal home.

On to Durnstien, a quaint little village of two streets you can walk through in under 15 minutes but magical all the same. The ruins of a castle sit high above the village and the view afforded is worth every breath it takes to climb there.

Our European river cruise sailed through some amazing cities – Linz, Salzburg, Passau and Regensburg – before pulling into Prague in the early evening just as the city starts to burst into life. My final highlight of this European river cruise was the Tauck visit to the Strahov Monastery. Tauck guests enter via the back door and enjoy the rare honour of sitting in the Grand Libraries amongst the books and ancient relics dating back centuries. The age and intricate beauty of these rooms provided quite possibly one of the most jaw dropping experiences of my life.

For an incomparable European tour, I would have no hesitation in recommending this amazing Tauck cruise. The indulgence or the tour and your insight into the history of Europe are second to none.

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