Lying between the latitudes five to twenty-one degrees north, the Philippines' archipelago comprises more than 7,000 islands sprinkled across the western-most rim of the Pacific Ocean. The islands are actually the tips of half-submerged mountain ranges and are part of a great cordillera extending from Indonesia to Japan.  Amanpulo is located on the private island of Pamalican in the Cuyo group and is about 360km south-west of Manila.  Seven square kilometres of reef surround the island.  Beyond are sandbanks and a channel where whales, dolphins and sea cows can be glimpsed.  At its widest point, the 5.5km island is only 500m across.

Amanpulo is accessed by scheduled charterflight from Manila which has flights to several major international destinations.  Guests are met at Manila's international airport and taken by complimentary transfer to the Amanpulo lounge which is located at a nearby hangar. Complimentary refreshments are served at the lounge and a selection of books, newspapers, magazines and games, luggage storage and shower facilities are also available.  Guests fly directly to Pamalican Island in a 19-seat, twin-engine turboprop plane which lands at the resort’s private airstrip.  Flight time is approximately one hour.

The cost of the roundtrip air transfer, Manila-Amanpulo-Manila, is US$350 peradult.  The fare for children under 12 is US$200 while infants under two years are charged US$80.  Baggage is limited to 20kg per adult and includes carry-on luggage.
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