Deriving its name from two words, 'aman' meaning 'peace' in Sanskrit and 'kora' meaning 'circular pilgrimage' in Dzongkha (the Bhutanese language), Amankora is a series of lodges positioned throughout Bhutan's principal western and central valleys.  Each valley and lodge has its own character, setting and experience.

Imagine a kingdom where happiness is paramount, where culture and tradition remain intact, where Buddhism has predominated since the 7th century, forging a harmonious union with the natural environment.  This kingdom is Bhutan, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, landlocked in the mystical and medicinal Himalayas, inspiritingly unscathed by globalisation.  The‘peaceful pilgrimage' of Amankora offers stays at a choice of five lodges, nestled strategically through the pristine landscape, delivering a path of enlightenment to penetrate a lifetime.

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