At Chiva-Som, your personal program of activities and treatments will be supervised by professional staff only too pleased to help you identify and analyse your individual needs. Following you arrival, and once you have settled in, your first appointment is a consultation with our Health and Wellness Advisor to check your current health status and advise you on a suitable treatment program as well as how to benefit the most from your stay. Specific consultations with the Spa, Fitness or Medical specialists are also available and can be made by your Health and Wellness Advisor or at any time at the Health and Wellness Reception.  Finally the Medical Department is open every day, should you wish to discuss any aspects of your health or personal program.


Integration of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental part of our philosophy and the very foundation of our spa treatments. Your journey into spa begins in our male or female Water Therapy Suites. Enjoy cleansing and restorative heat treatments such as sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi or relaxation on one of our heated waterbeds as you sip Lemongrass tea. Using these facilities promotes wellness and prepares the body for the treatments ahead, whether a relaxing massage or an invigorating Hydrotherapy treatment. The unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies in this tranquil environment is enhanced by the caring nature of the dedicated therapists, who will nurture you through the rejuvenating and healing process to reach true balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health at Chiva-Som provides the opportunity to diagnose your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing as well as your lifestyle. The specialist practitioners include doctors, nurses, naturopaths and therapists as well as specialist visiting consultants, all of whom have a commitment to providing a holistic solution to your health needs.
Chiva-Som will provide a selection of options based on the holistic diagnostic services available, ranging from medical and complementary medical services, through detoxification to homeopathy, fertility, nutrition and personalised supplementation.


Chiva-Som’s team of enthusiastic, experienced personal trainers ensure that your goals are reached and that you are well equipped for future success. No matter your level of fitness, they will support you to dramatically change the way you look and feel. Whatever your fitness aims and goals, we will guide you on along the way to achieving them through our exercise programs and our integrated approach.


Chiva-Som’s physiotherapists apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and exercise techniques to provide a thorough diagnosis of your physical state, and a comprehensive treatment plan to help improve your body.
The physiotherapists have trained extensively in areas that complement the traditional skills, including remedial exercises and therapies. The combination of targeted therapies, whether hands-on massage or assisted by ultrasound or T.E.N.S. therapy plus exercise gives the physiotherapists the ability to reduce pain and increase mobility in a shorter time and to teach you how to prevent a recurrence of the original complaint. The physiotherapists’ view your body’s ability to function as a balance between many physiological states and mechanisms. These can be functionally grouped as posture, flexibility, stability, coordination and muscular tone and performance. Each of these contributes to the overall function and ability of your body.

Niranlanda Medi Spa

From Pali-Sanskrit, Niranlada means ‘eternal beauty’ and that is what Chiva-Som strive for in nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Niranlada Medi-Spa complements the traditional approach to overall wellness with the latest developments in both modern aesthetic treatments and micro-invasive cosmetic surgery.

Niranlada offers a wide range of services with an initial consultation using VISIA 3–dimensional computerised facial imaging and color photography to evaluate your current skin condition. The information is used as the basis to discuss your personal requirements and to evaluate which treatments are best suited for you. The photos become part of the ‘before and after’ comparison so you can evaluate your improvements with time.

The doctors are US–trained dermatologists and plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery. They specialise in the art of aesthetic medicine, especially non-invasive laser treatment, micro-invasive cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine.

World-renowned cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon, Clinical Professor Dr. Niwat Polnikorn and his medical team are dedicated to enhancing your aesthetic virtue and confidence using state of the art technology.

Dr. Niwat is active in clinical service, teaching and research and hundreds of doctors from around the world have studied and trained under his guidance. He has published textbooks on laser surgery and has written numerous research articles on laser surgery, especially on treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma. Dr. Niwat was the first to introduce laser treatment for dermatology to Thailand in 1982.

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