1.Can I be contacted by friends and family?
Yes, family and friends can contact you by phoning +66 (0) 3253-6536 Back to top
2.Can we send mail/post cards?
Once you are at the resort, visit the front desk and ask them to assist you with this. Back to top
3.Can we set up an email account?
A stay at Chiva-Som is designed to improve your health and wellness.  While we don’t expect you to ’switch off’ we recommend that you concentrate on yourself rather than other activities.  Facilities for staying in touch are limited but you may bring your laptop to connect in your room. Back to top
4.Can we take alcohol?
A Chiva-Som stay is all about wellbeing and relaxation.  Therefore alcohol is not allowed in the resort. Back to top
5.Do we have to tip?
A 17.7% VAT service fee (subject to change) is included in the hotel stay and will appear as an additional charge on your invoice or as an inclusion depending on the type of retreat booked.  Once you are at the resort, tipping is not expected, but if you feel the service has exceeded your expectation, please feel free to do so. Back to top
6.How can we send gifts to family and friends?
Depending on the length of stay and international postage regulations this may not be possible. All gifts need to be organised independently of Chiva Som and Travel the World. Back to top
7.How do I contact the Supplier?
Visit and follow the links to the Contact Us section. Back to top
8.How do I get to Chiva-Som?
Travel The World can organise luxury car/van transfers in conjunction with your stay at Chiva Som from Bangkok Airport to Chiva-Som in Hua Hin and vice versa.  Your driver knows the best route and includes Chiva-Som refreshments.  Travel time is usually three hours.

Alternatively we can arrange for an aeroplane transfer from Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport).  This Cessna Grand Caravan single engine (12 seats) departs from Bangkok daily and flying time between Bangkok and Hua Hin is approximately 35 minutes. 

For prices and schedules of these options, please enquire with Travel the World Reservations on 1300 857 437.
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9.How do I prepare for my stay?
It is recommended that you try to reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine that you consume one to two weeks before your arrival.  Chiva-Som is a health resort and with this in mind we try to reduce the temptation for you to consume these during your stay. Back to top
10.How long should I stay?
Your experience at Chiva-Som is designed to facilitate lifestyle transformation through a full range of health and wellness programs.  On average, guests stay for 10 nights on each visit to allow them sufficient time to use all of the extensive facilities and achieve their goals.  However, your chosen retreat or your personal goals may require more or less time.  We have a minimum stay of 3 nights. Back to top
11.How many guests can Chiva-Som accommodate?
There are 54 rooms at Chiva-Som with a maximum of two guests per room.  The maximum capacity at any one time is 114 guests Back to top
12.Is there a hair dryer?
Yes, there are hairdryers at Chiva-Som Back to top
13.What are the extra charges?
Any treatments not included with your package and wine with dinner. Back to top
14.What currency (money) is used?
The currency used in the Chiva-Som Health Retreat is Thai Baht. Back to top
15.What is included in the cost?
All retreats include 3 Chiva-Som Spa Cuisine meals per night of stay (arrival day will begin with dinner), choice of daily massage per night of stay (Thai, Chiva-Som or Invigorating Massage), Health and Wellness consultation on arrival, participation in the daily fitness and leisure activity programs, complimentary use of Water Therapy Suite which include Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi Back to top
16.What is the dress code?
It is recommended that you bring loose, causal clothing for classes and to wear around the resort. Sports shoes are required for physical training in the gym and some daily activity classes. For dinner smart casual is suitable. Back to top
17.What is the legal drinking age?
18 Back to top
18.What is the smoking policy?
There is a small smoking section designated for this use. Back to top
19.What is the youngest age allowed?
The youngest age allowed at Chiva-Som International health resort is 16 years of age Back to top
20.What is time is check in/check out?
Check-in time is 2:00pm and check out time is 12:00noon. Back to top
21.What power points are used?
Local power points are used, however there are converters available Back to top
22.When is the best time to travel to Chiva-Som?
Thailand is well known for its seasonal weather with a Rainy season, a Warm season, and a Cool season, but different regions experience varied weathers.  How will this affect your stay at Chiva-Som, and when is the best time to visit?

March-June: The Warm Season
Warm days and nights, some high humidity, an average temperature of 28 degrees celsius and rainfalls of 2.5 inches.

Bright and clear days, with only occasional cloud and afternoon breezes.

Tides can be quite high, but generally there’s plenty of open beach. The afternoon breeze is enough to stir up a few small waves to make the Hua Hin region one of the best in Thailand for water sports particularly kite surfing.

The highlight has to be “Songkran”, the Thai New Year, from April 13th - 15th. Colourful parades, traditional ceremonies, lots of water and lots of fun. A time for everyone to celebrate a new year and new life.
On April 19th we celebrate Chiva-Som’s birthday. Join the traditional Monk’s Blessing Ceremony at the Resort.

July-October: The Rainy Season
Warm and fairly pleasant, with occasional cooler nights, an average temperature of 28 degrees celsius and rainfalls of 3.7 inches.

Typically sunny or partly cloudy in the mornings, with a little more afternoon cloud cover. Rain is sporadic, certainly not daily. It doesn’t last long - enough to refresh the environment and stimulate the senses! Hua Hin doesn’t experience the heavy rains often found further north or south during the rainy season.

A wide expanse of flat beach at low tides and still plenty at high tide. Calm seas, especially in the mornings, with a slight chop in the afternoons.

A quieter time of year, with a few Public Holidays but not linked to any particular festivals.

November-February: The Cool Season
Mild days with cool nights, an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and rainfalls of 1 inch.

A lot of sunshine, but it’s not as strong as during the Warm season.

The tides turn in November, with King Tides rolling in, and so are much higher. With the winds come waves, which are great for body surfing.

Loi Krathong is a very special Thai celebration in early November, characterised by beautifully decorated floating candles which are sent out to sea or along waterways with special wishes for a new and lucky life.  Judge the amazing creations of the staff in our inter-Department competition, make your own Krathong, and float it on the pool or the sea so as not to miss out on good luck!

The beginning of December marks the King’s Birthday, with a street parade and parties in the town.  There are the traditional Western celebrations for Christmas, closely followed by New Year’s Eve and our Gala Dinner, held outside under the stars.  New Year’s Day has proven to have spectacular sunrises for our “welcome the dawn” ritual followed by the giving of alms to the poor.
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23.Where is Chiva-Som?
Chiva-Som is located in the Royal city of Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand, 185 kilometres south of Bangkok. Back to top