1.Are Gratuities Included?
Tipping is neither required nor expected. Back to top
2.Are There Restrictions On How Much Luggage I Can Bring?
You can bring as many bags as you choose aboard ship, but please be aware that airlines do have limitations. We recommend contacting your airline and transfer transportation in advance for information on restrictions and baggage fees.

To protect your luggage, please be sure to mark each bag with the owner’s name, name of ship, sailing date and suite number. Seabourn's responsibility in regard to baggage is covered by the Guest Cruise Ticket Contract. However, we highly recommend the purchase of optional travel insurance.
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3.Can I Send And Receive Mail, And Make Phone Calls?
For security reasons, we do not suggest that you receive mail or packages while cruising with us. If a guest receives mail or a package, the guest will be asked to open it in a secure area ashore. Once opened, it will be inspected by security staff, who will retain it for delivery on board. Direct dial telephone service is available from your suite. Email can be accessed from the computers in the Computer Centre or through a Wi-Fi enabled laptop while on board. Facsimiles can be sent from on board by contacting the Purser’s Office.

Mobile phones enabled with international roaming will also be able to be used onboard. Please be aware that your carrier may charge you higher/additional charges.
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4.Can I Still Cruise If Pregnant?
Seabourn does not have on board its cruise ships the specialized facilities and/or treatment required for childbirth, prenatal and early infant care. Those facilities may also not be obtainable ashore in ports we call on. Accordingly Seabourn cannot accept a booking or carry any guest who will be 24 completed weeks or more pregnant on the last day of the intended cruise. All pregnant women are required to produce a physician’s letter stating that mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel, and that the pregnancy is not high-risk. The letter must also include the estimated date of delivery (EDD).
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5.Can I Use My Own Mobile Phone On Board?
Seabourn offers an onboard GSM mobile phone network that allows guests to send and receive calls on their own compatible mobile phones and phone numbers while the ship is at sea. Mobile phones must be enabled with international roaming to be able to use this service.

Please be aware that your carrier may charge you increased/additional fees.

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6.Do I Need To Make Dining Reservations?
As satisfying as the most extraordinary dining experiences ashore, the restaurants aboard all Seabourn ships feature an elegant open seating arrangement for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At lunch and dinner, enjoy complimentary wines from California, France, Chile or Italy that are selected to enhance the menus of the day. The wine steward will provide a list of premium vintages that are also available at an additional charge.

Reservations are not required for dining in The Restaurant. Dining reservations are suggested for Restaurant 2 aboard all yachts and The Colonnade and Patio Grill aboard Seabourn Odyssey and Sojourn. Reservations are made onboard exclusively within 48 hours of dining.

Complimentary room service is available 24-hours a day. Course-by-course dining is also available in your suite during dinner hours from The Restaurant menu.

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7.Do Shore Excursions Include Gratuities?
Prices do not include gratuities for local shore excursion guides, drivers, and related service staff. Independent, subcontracted ground operator companies employ all ground staff and these entities do not participate in Seabourn's on board "no tipping" practice. Tipping of guides, drivers and other independent ground staff is at the individual guest's discretion, anticipated and appreciated.
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8.Does Seabourn Have a Security Program?
Seabourn has a comprehensive on-board security program. All on-board Security Officers are certified Ship Security Officers pursuant to standards set by the International Maritime Organization. The Security Officers are former law enforcement officers, military, or security professionals. Liaison is maintained with law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and elsewhere.

A cruise ship is comparable to a secure building with round-the-clock security. Ship access is controlled. The name of every person on board is placed on an official manifest. Ship security measures include unique identification badges and security screening of persons, luggage and ship stores and supplies.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in December 2002 SOLAS was amended and the International Ship Security and Port Faculty Code was enacted with an effective date of July 1, 2004. Security measures already in place by Seabourn meet or exceed the requirements of the Code. Seabourn continually reviews and enhances security procedures to ensure the safest possible
travel environment.

Guide to Criminal Activity Prevention and Response
Missing Persons Immediate Assistance Numbers:
You should immediately dial 911 to report any missing person or criminal activity or in person at the Front Desk.

Medical & Security personnel designation with 24 hour contact:
The Security Department is responsible for responding to alleged crimes and missing persons and can be contacted at any time by dialing 911 or in person at the Front Desk.

The Medical Department can be contacted at any time by dialing 90 for any required medical assistance or in person at the Front Desk.

Jurisdictional Authority:
On international voyages that embark or disembark in the United States, Seabourn is required by U.S. federal law to report on board felonies and missing U.S. nationals to federal agencies. These include but are not limited to:
  • a missing U.S. national and
  • all serious felonies (homicide, suspicious death, kidnapping, assault with serious bodily injury, sexual assaults as defined by federal laws, firing (arson) or tampering with the vessel, or theft of money or property in excess of $10,000)
The enumerated incidents must be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) by telephone as soon as possible, to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security electronically, and to the U.S. Coast Guard in writing. These requirements apply to incidents that occur on board in U.S. territorial waters, or on the high seas or in foreign waters if the assailant or victim is a U.S. national. The F.B.I. can assert criminal jurisdiction in all of these circumstances. Each of the nations visited, as well as the vessel’s nation of registry (the Bahamas), may also assert jurisdiction and/or impose additional reporting requirements.

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9.How Long Are Cruises?
Cruises on Seabourn can be as long or short as you choose. Cruise itineraries range from seven days to over 100 days and can vary among long days at sea, short trips to nearby destinations, or more port-intensive trips. Whatever itinerary you choose, and for however long your cruise may be, you will enjoy ships with unmatched sense of style, elegance and grace, and luxurious service that is second to none. Whether it's a warm blanket and a cup of gourmet hot chocolate as you drift along the Norwegian Fjords or a relaxing neck massage poolside, you'll feel that you're a member of a very exclusive club.
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10.How Should I Pack?
Attire During the Day:
  • During the daytime, casual, resort-style attire, including shorts and jeans, is welcome in all lounges and dining venues. Swimsuits, brief shorts, cover-ups and exercise attire should be reserved for poolside, on deck or in the spa and fitness centre.
Attire For Evenings:
After 6:00 p.m., suggested attire for all venues on board will be one of the following:
  • Resort Casual: Slacks and a sweater or shirt for men; sundress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse for women. Jeans are not considered appropriate in The Restaurant.
  • Elegantly Casual: Slacks with a jacket over a sweater or shirt for men. Dress, skirt or pants with a sweater or blouse for women. Jeans are not considered appropriate in The Restaurant.
  • Formal Optional: While Elegantly Casual is always appropriate during the evening, a Formal Optional evening will be provided for guests who wish to dress more formally at least once each seven days. Formal Optional attire includes a tuxedo or dark suit with tie for men, cocktail dress or other formal apparel for women. On Formal Optional evenings, we request no jeans in any of the lounges or dining venues.
The itinerary in the preliminary document booklet will inform you of the number of Formal Optional evenings to expect during your voyage. As a rule of thumb, Formal Optional evenings are scheduled as follows:
  • Cruises up to 13 days: One Formal Optional evening
  • Cruises of 14 to 20 days: Two Formal Optional evenings
  • Cruises of 21 or more days: Three Formal Optional evenings
(Note: World Cruises, Holiday voyages and crossings may be scheduled differently.)

Attire Ashore:
  • Packing clothing that can be layered is the best way to plan for cruising in virtually any climate.
  • For tropical cruises, bring light, loose-fitting garments that can be paired with a lightweight jacket or sweater.
  • For cooler climates, pack extra layers of warmer garments such as a light top coat and some sweaters.
  • When dressing to go ashore, it is helpful to be aware of the customs of the countries you are visiting. In some ports men and women should not wear shorts. Many cultures prefer that women wear dresses or skirts when visiting shrines, churches, mosques and temples.

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11.Is Cash Accepted On Board?
Although most services on board Seabourn are included in your cruise fare (such as restaurant dining room service, complimentary spirits and wines, entertainment programs and the services of a highly trained staff), discretionary purchases such as those listed below will be charged to a shipboard account which will be opened for you.
  • Dry cleaning, laundry and valet service
  • Beauty salon, massage and other spa treatments
  • Satellite, radio-telephone calls, e-mail, telegrams and faxes
  • Shore excursions and travel arrangements
  • Medical consultation and medication
  • Miscellaneous hotel and dining room charges, such as those for entertaining guests
  • Photographs
  • Gift Shop purchases
To activate your onboard account, simply register a valid credit card at embarkation and sign a charge slip. This will relieve you from settling your account at the end of the cruise. Instead, a detailed statement will be delivered to your stateroom the night before disembarkation and proceed automatically at the end of the voyage. Any additional or late purchases will be automatically charged to your credit card. In addition, you may obtain a final statement to resolve any questions regarding your onboard account at the Reception Desk before disembarking.

Onboard accounts are in U.S. dollars and may be settled by U.S. dollar cash or traveller’s checks or a major credit card before disembarking the ship. Guests may use Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB or Discover. If you do not register a valid credit card at embarkation you may arrange to have U.S. dollar funds transferred to the ship and made available for you on board. This can be organized through any of our offices and must be done no later than 15 days prior to embarkation.

As all prices and currency on board the ship are in U.S. dollars, we encourage you to carry personal funds in the forms of U.S. traveller’s checks, both for convenience and safety. These can be cashed on board. Personal checks or letters of credit cannot be honoured. Cash advances are not permitted against your onboard account or any form of credit card. At certain ports of call, we may arrange for local banking representatives to come on board to exchange cash and traveller’s checks for most foreign currencies. At other ports of call, information on the most convenient exchange facility will be available on board.

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12.Is Internet Access Available?
Yes, you may access the internet onboard either via WiFi connection or in our Business Centre. Due to the limits of satellite bandwidth, we ask that you use Seabourn internet access for email communication or web browsing only. Please do not download high-volume data such as videos, movies, or Skype and similar types of services, as this will interfere with other users.

Satellite internet access is significantly slower than land-based high-speed connections, and subject to occasional interruption or disruption for reasons beyond our control. Certain websites and services may be restricted due to limited bandwidth.

There is an additional fee for internet usage. Thank you for your understanding.

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13.Is There A Dress Code?
We ask that guests please aware that jeans are not considered appropriate for The Restaurant, and on Formal Optional evenings, we request no jeans in any of the lounges or dining venues. For more details regarding suggested attire please see the FAQ "How should I pack?"
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14.Pre- and Post-Cruise Transfers
Seabourn Cruise Line offers pre-cruise transfers to your ship on the day of embarkation only. Private car transfers use luxury sedans for two guests. Private van transfers can also be arranged for a minimum of four guests and a maximum of eight guests travelling in the same group.

We recommend booking your transfer no later than 45 days prior to departure. To request a transfer please call us on 1300 857 437 or Seabourn at 1-800-929-9391. Please be sure to have your Seabourn booking number, number of guests, airport name/city, arrival date, airline carrier and flight number available.

Once you have supplied Seabourn with your flight arrival or hotel information, any subsequent changes must be communicated to Seabourn at least 14 days prior to embarkation. Failure to advise of changes may result in a missed transfer and charges are non-refundable. Transfers for disembarkation may be arranged on board.
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15.Should I Bring A Carry-on Bag?
Use a carry-on bag. Keep your travel documents, identification, medication, jewellery, camera, film, cash and other valuables with you at all times.

Do not pack your passport, medications, cruise documents or airline tickets in your checked luggage. (Remember that checked luggage might not be accessible at all times.) Keep these items close at hand in your purse or jacket pocket. We also strongly suggest that you carry or otherwise keep with you important items such as perishables, cash, credit or debit cards, jewellery, gold, silver or similar valuables, securities, financial instruments, records or other valuable or business documents, laptop computers, cellular telephones, cameras, or other video or electronic equipment, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs, scooters, binoculars, film, videotape, computer disks, audio disks, tapes or CDs.

Seabourn's responsibility in regard to baggage is covered by the passage contract. Our optional travel insurance program includes baggage protection up to $2,000 per guest. Full details of the coverage will accompany your preliminary cruise documents.

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16.What about if I have Special Requirements?
Guests who require special facilities and/or services during their Seabourn cruise are requested to please complete the Seabourn Special Requirements Information Form. This information is necessary so that we will be aware of any special requirements you may have, and will enable us to make specific arrangements in order to accommodate your needs.

This form is for guests whose requirements may include the following:
  • Mobility needs
  • Severe allergies, including food-related allergies
  • Guests with Diabetes
  • Guests with respiratory needs
  • Guests requiring the use of a service animal
Click here to download the form, then please fax or email the completed form to +1 (206) 501-2904 or

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17.What About Special Diets?
Guests with special dietary needs are asked to notify Seabourn at the time of booking or at the latest, six weeks before sailing. We also encourage you to take advantage of My Seabourn, where you may personalize your Seabourn cruise experience, select your dining preferences, and manage your reservations and Seabourn Club information.

Every effort will be made to comply with special dietary requests.

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18.What Are My Dining Options?
Seabourn offers you a choice of up to five dining venues. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of our traditional restaurants. Dine on deck in one of our al fresco eateries, or at your request, you can have dinner from The Restaurant served course-by-course in your suite, complete with white linens, fine china and silver service.

We know that our guests understand fine dining. And celebrated Chef Charlie Palmer delivers on all levels; with an innovative menu that fills the senses with wonder. From traditional fine dining in our open-seating Restaurant and an eclectic and adventurous menu in Restaurant 2 to themed dining in The Colonnade and more casual fare in the Patio Grill, our acclaimed made-to-order dining experience is enhanced by our personal custom of welcoming you like an honoured guest – whose preferences are carefully noted, then thoughtfully indulged every night.

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19.What Fitness Options Are On Board?
The gym on each Seabourn ship is well-equipped for maintaining a complete fitness regime. Equipment available includes:
  • Variable resistance machines including: Abdominal Crunch, Lat Pull-down, Hip Adductor, Pectoral Fly, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Chest Press, Biceps Curl, Triceps Extension, Leg Press, Back Extension
  • Adjustable Benches and Rubber Encased Dumbbells: 5-50lbs
  • Recumbent Cardio Cycles
  • Upright Cardio Cycles
  • Programmable Treadmills
  • Free classes in stretch yoga, mat Pilates and cardio Ki-Bo are offered
  • Professional trainers and nutritional specialists are available
Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Sojourn also include a Motion Studio with Kinesis wall for personal and group training as well as fitness classes. Kinesis provides an enjoyable and challenging workout for your mind and body, using three dimensional movements that improve balance, flexibility and strength.

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20.What If I Have A Medical Emergency While On Board?
Onboard medical facilities are equipped to provide care for unexpected illness and accidents. These basic facilities are not intended or designed for ongoing treatment of pre-existing conditions. If you anticipate a need for medical services, your special requirement must be cleared in writing with Seabourn before your booking can be finalized.
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21.What Is The Seabourn Difference?
Cruising on Seabourn is unlike any other form of travel. The experience is luxurious, yet relaxed... elegant, yet casual... sumptuous, yet understated. From the first moment you step aboard, you will begin to appreciate the appeal of sailing with Seabourn. The warm smiles and chilled champagne that welcome you. And virtually everything is included, from the luxury of our all-suite accommodations to the complimentary fine wines and spirits served on board. Our intimate yachts visit the most desirable destinations worldwide, sailing to the heart of landmark cities as well as to hidden gems where larger vessels cannot follow. Our ships attract interesting people who seek to share experiences beyond the expected in places beyond the ordinary. They create a social ambiance and sense of camaraderie on board where conversation flows freely and no one ever has to reach for the tab. And our acclaimed staff offers a unique style of heartfelt hospitality that is sincere, thoughtful and personal.

It's not surprising that so many travellers choose Seabourn, and return, time and time again. This is The Seabourn Experience. This is the definition of travelling well.

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22.What Is The Seabourn Experience?
The Seabourn Experience is the art of service perfected. It's intimate ships with just 104 or 225 suites. It's unique itineraries to must-see cities and hidden gems where larger ships cannot go. It's spacious, all-suite accommodations with sweeping ocean views — many with verandas. It's gourmet dining experiences that rival the finest restaurants anywhere. It's fine wines poured at lunch and dinner, and open bars throughout the ship.

Compliments of Seabourn:
  • In-suite bar and refrigerator stocked with your preferences
  • Complimentary fine wines at lunch and dinner, and open bars throughout the ship
  • All dining venues are complimentary
  • Gratuities are neither required nor expected
Cruising on Seabourn includes dozens of Seabourn Signature Delights:
  • Intimate ships that carry 208 to 450 guests to places where larger ships cannot go
  • All-suite accommodations
  • Personalized service with nearly one staff member per guest
  • Open-seating gourmet dining in The Restaurant with menus by celebrity chef Charlie Palmer 
  • Casual, elegant indoor/outdoor dining venues
  • Evening Under the Stars features sumptuous barbecue dinners or gala parties with live music and dancing on deck
  • Marina with in-sea pool and complimentary watersports
  • Caviar in the Surf during beach barbecues ashore
  • Seabourn Destinations complimentary planning service for custom experiences ashore
  • Pure Pampering bath drawn by your personal suite stewardess
  • Complimentary Massage Moments on deck
  • Movies Under the Stars with fresh popcorn
  • Seabourn’s Personal Shopper
  • Shopping with the Chef at local markets
  • Vintage Seabourn premium wine package
  • Seabourn to a Tea collection of rare estate teas
  • Personal Valet luggage shipping service

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23.What is the Smoking Policy onboard?
For the comfort of all guests, most public areas on board are smoke-free. Cigarette smoking is permitted in the following areas:

  • Observation Bar/Lounge – On the starboard side (except during coffee and tea service hours)
  • Sky Bar – At the bar and starboard side deck area ( except during Sky Grill food service on Seabourn Pride, Spirit & Legend)
  • Seabourn Square Terrace – on the starboard side deck area
Guests are asked to refrain from smoking pipes and cigars anywhere inside the ship, including in guest suites, on verandas and balconies. Cigar and pipe smoking is permitted only on open decks (Seabourn Pride, Spirit & Legend) and only on the starboard side deck area of Seabourn Square Terrace on Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn & Quest.

If you have any doubts about any area, please consult your onboard staff.

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24.What is the Visitor Policy?
Seabourn Cruise Line, upon evaluation of customer and security concerns, has implemented a "no visitor" policy and regrets any inconvenience this may cause. However, friends may easily arrange to send an onboard gift directly to your stateroom. Or you may throw a party of your own for fellow guests.
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25.What Laundry Services Are Available?
Full laundry, dry cleaning and pressing services are available. Suite attendants take care of pick-up and delivery. Same-day service is available at extra charge if requested by 9:00 a.m. A complimentary launderette with washers, dryers, laundry soap and ironing facilities is located on Deck 4 port side aboard Seabourn Pride, Spirit and Legend and Deck 5 midship aboard Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Sojourn and Seabourn Quest.
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26.What Medical Services Are Available At Sea?
Your ship's small but modern basic medical facility is staffed by a doctor and a nurse. This facility is equipped to provide medical care for illness or accidents that may arise during the cruise, but is not intended to provide ongoing medical treatment. Since we are either at sea or in ports where availability of medical facilities and pharmaceutical products may be limited, we suggest you bring adequate supplies of prescription medications and other health-related items.
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27.What Travel Documents Will I Need?
Every country has its own entry requirements, and guests must assume personal responsibility for having the necessary documents when boarding.

Proof of Citizenship/Passports
Guests travelling on Seabourn are required to possess a passport valid for at least six months past the date of disembarkation. Passports are normally surrendered to and held by the pursers on board to facilitate clearances in ports of call. It is prudent to photocopy the identification page of your passport and pack it separately, in case of loss or damage to the original. In addition, visas or other documents may be required, depending on your citizenship or residency and the itinerary. It is your responsibility to acquire all necessary documents for all ports of call on your itinerary.

Requirements for your voyage may be found on Seabourn's website or by calling your travel agent, Seabourn, or a professional visa service. Guests who appear for a voyage without required documents may be denied boarding.

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28.What Voltage is Used Onboard?
The voltage in each suite matches both the U.S. standard (110 volts AC, flat prongs) and the European standard (220 volts AC, round prongs). Australian guests should bring adaptors with them, however will not need voltage converters.
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29.When Should I Arrive At The Ship?
Embarkation times are noted on your itinerary. For your comfort and convenience, arriving at the stated time will ensure that your suite is prepared and available for immediate occupancy.
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30.Will I Need To Bring Toiletries?
Seabourn ships feature a full range of complimentary amenities in your suite, including shampoo, conditioner, designer soap and lotion, a stocked mini-bar, fresh fruit and flowers, and stationery.

As we are either at sea or in ports where availability of pharmaceutical products may be limited, we suggest you bring adequate supplies of prescription medications and other health related items

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31.Will Religious Services Be Offered?
Nondenominational Christian services are conducted on Sundays while the ship is at sea. During cruises that coincide with a certain religious holiday, ecumenical clergy will be aboard to conduct services.
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