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Vietnam cruise with Compagnie du Ponant

Vietnam cruise with Compagnie du Ponant

From the moment you board, you are in the hands of highly professional immaculately presented staff. The colours and décor that greet you create a luxurious and calming effect – you just know the cruise experience on board is going to be truly relaxing holiday. Loved the fact that the colour scheme on board carried on into the staterooms, and even to the furniture out on deck – all very subtle and classy, and the quality of the leather furniture was as good as it gets.

The entertainment was above and beyond what was expected, with ballet dancers from Paris who performed beautiful routines. Not only do they perform in the theatre, but also out on deck at night which was sensational. Talented pianists, vocalists performed at different times, each offering a different perspective to their musical ability, and this all remained very much in the background to enable you to enjoy the conversation of your fellow-guests.

There were never any announcements – this compliments the serene and calming environment onboard. It is up to you to read the daily programme to know what is on where and at what time. The main dining restaurant was beautifully appointed ensuring your evening dining was every bit as enjoyable as what you would expect on a ship of its class. There is no need to worry that it is a French product, the staff onboard all speak English and are happy to do so as many of them are wanting to improve their language skill.

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