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Luxury cruise on board L'Austral

Luxury cruise on board L'Austral

WOW - I feel very privileged to have been able to sail on board such a beautiful yacht. From the moment I stepped on board, I felt relaxed, at ease and confident that what lay ahead of me would be exceptional....and it was. Being a French flagged vessel who traditionally has been a cruise line for the French, I was concerned that I may feel like an extra and out of place onboard this ship. I did not.

I felt truly comfortable and totally surprised with the unbiased treatment of each nationality. Every announcement was in both French and English as was any literature. What truly blew me away however was the outstanding entertainment. This was totally unexpected and also appreciated. It went well beyond my expectations and continued to surprise and amaze me daily. Thank you Compagnie du Ponant for showing me how people should cruise !

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