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Hawaii with Tauck

Hawaii with Tauck

My husband and I booked a 7-night tour with Tauck to Hawaii and it was one of the best holidays we ever had.

Tauck really made us feel special with every detail covered. From staying in the best hotels in Hawaii, to the amazing private dinners, to the breath taking scenery, a Tauck tour in Hawaii is a unique experience.

We arrived at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and were whisked away into the finest rooms, with the best views. We were absolutely thrilled to have chosen Tauck to guide us in Hawaii.

Tauck really think of every possible detail to make your holiday unforgettable.

Snorkelling in Maui and going on a helicopter ride around Kauai were experiences to not be missed. Tauck had given us the finest equipment for snorkeling and preferred treatment on arrival. 

I definitely recommend to experience this magnificent destination with Tauck.


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