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Experiencing Tauck as a Single Traveller

Experiencing Tauck as a Single Traveller

I travelled on my first river cruise last year and it is clear that I travelled with the best. Travelling as a single often you can feel like an outsider. Sitting by yourself for dinner and exploring each city on your lonesome. As soon as I embarked the ship I was treated like part of the family. With more staff then any of the other ships in Europe, everyone from the bar tender to the restaurant manager and even the house keeping staff all knew my name and soon were offering me my favourite coffee, glass of champagne (Moet Chandon is the house champagne is available any time of day, every day) or enquiring how my book was going. I was acknowledged and included and on the odd occasion that I was sitting on my own there was always a crew member or a fellow guest that would sit down for a chat. The fellow guests were from all over the world and had the most incredible stories and experiences to share. You truly are travelling with like-minded people and I have made some wonderful new friends.

The ship was beautifully decorated and felt classically opulent but was equally matched with modern amenities. My cabin was generously sized with a swan view window that let in a lovely amount of sun light all day. The pillow top bed was divine and the full size shower had great water pressure with Molton Brown toiletries to add a bit of luxury. The food on board complemented each area visited and local produce was always used to highlight the region. The local performances on the ship gave a further dimension to everything we were experiencing.

The sites and experiences enjoyed in each city have created memories that I will cherish forever. I have always been an independent traveller but the things I experienced with Tauck blew my mind. One such experience was visiting the Residence in Wurzburg, Germany. A visit to the Residence is included in any river cruise visiting Wurzburg and while we explored and discovered the history of this beautiful palace during the day, it is at night when we returned to the Residence that we truly discovered some of its hidden beauty. Walking down some stairs located off one of the courtyards, you will find the wine cellar where large barrels one storey in height and circumference line the walls. Each barrel is filled with a variety of wine local to the area which of course is poured into glass goblets for you to try. You are then lead by candles marking a path to an adjoining room where bench seats and tables line the length of the room and you are seated to enjoy a three course meal prepared with local produce and matched with a variety of local wine for each course. At the far end of the room an oompah-pah band plays songs from the region and a harpist brings this spectacular evening to a soft and romantic end.  Tauck is the only company to visit the wine cellar in the Residence and such a magical night was certainly the highlight of my trip. Now that I have experienced seeing a side to these destinations that normal travellers don’t even know exists, I won’t be travelling with anyone else but Tauck.

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