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Fabulous honeymoon

Fabulous honeymoon

Being surround by all your loved ones, fun, music, laughter and speeches was fantastic!

Arriving at Chiva-Som three days after our wedding day and being surrounded by tranquility, luxury, incredible food, pampering, and my new wife was equally fantastic.  Within days of arriving at Chiva-Som we had easily adapted to a new lifestyle, taking care of yourself.  With the help of a personalised health and wellness consultation, my wife and I filled our days with treatments and activities that restored our life balance.

We enjoyed massages, yoga, walks on the beach, water aerobics and lots of time reading books and watching DVD’s in our room. These activities combined with Chiva-Som’s fabulous healthy food, that actually tastes better than all the food that is usually really bad for you, very quickly enabled us to regain energy.

This energy replacement happened on all levels, mind, body and spirit. To get this sort of energy back in our life, in just seven days, was both invigorating and inspirational!

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