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Chiva-Som from the perspective of an 'aging mother of many'

Chiva-Som Health & Wellness

When it comes to our health, I know what to do yet I find it difficult to actually put it into practice. As an aging ‘mother of many’, my recent visit to Chiva-Som, the Haven of Life, was a game changer. It was inspirational. It was all about ME and I LOVED IT !!!

Chiva-Som is definitely not a BOOT CAMP – it is so much better ! Whilst there is the opportunity to be busy from dawn until dusk, I quickly established a daily routine that suited me. Every morning I kept busy participating in the many and varied included classes, took a quick dip in the pool over lunch before luxuriating in the spa each afternoon as I allowed myself to relax and be pampered. There really is something for everyone at Chiva-Som – it is a destination catering to the health and well being of the mind, body and spirit and one that I truly recommend to anyone who wants to get away, relax and generally just feel better about themselves.

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