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Alaska with Holland America Line

Alaska with Holland America Line

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I must tell you we had a marvellous trip to Alaska, Tour 2 on 14th May 2011. I travelled with my sister-in-law and my niece. The places we saw, the people we travelled with, and your team leader, Bec, were excellent.

Starting at Anchorage we travelled in the dome carriage train through the Denali National Park to Fairbanks. The coach trip into Denali was breathtaking. The streams had just begun to thaw. The silver birch trees not yet in bud enabled us to see for miles .We were lucky too, no clouds obscuring Mt. Mc Kinley. We were told only 10% of travellers see Mt Mc Kinley's peak. I certainly enjoyed Fairbanks. Going to the gold mine and seeing the Alaskan Oil pipeline was very interesting. What a surprise and education was Dawson City. Because of permafrost we saw wide gravel roads and houses built without stumps. There was still ice under and between houses, houses built of pressed tin to resemble bricks (I presume tin was lighter to transport through the passes than bricks). The footpaths were boardwalks. The people were so helpful to one another carrying food to cars etc. The cars were unlocked with valuables inside. Coming back to the hotel about 11.30pm, it was still daylight. I asked a man "when does it get dark?" He answered "In September". Talking to a mother I inquired what she did in the dark months. Go to work, go to school, get the meals, do the washing etc. we also have indoor ice-skating. Weather permitting cross country skiing. In Australia we also go to work, school, cook and wash, but go swimming play golf and surf .

The cruise ship Volendam to the glaciers was awe inspiring. I have taken such wonderful photos of mountain waterfalls glaciers and Butchart Gardens but the most beautiful are the ones of Emerald Lake. They have inspired my friends.

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