In the South Pacific area, the coconut palm is the tree of life, supplying food and building materials and forming the basis for medicinal and beauty products. In short, it is the mother of all South Sea's cultures and the pulsating heart of Laucala Island and more than a quarter of the island is covered with coconut groves. The palm's versatile products impact every visit to Laucala Island as they are used as a source of shade, as ingredients for cocktails, to assist with culinary refinement or as an ingredient for home-made wellness products. 

The main foundation of the resort's infrastructure is its own farm. 240 acres of farmland producing crops such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla, pepper, teas and tropical fruits and tending animals such as cows, pigs, goats, deer and poultry provide most of the products needed on the Laucala Island and can be prepared in-house. Very large areas of the farm are also reserved for hydroponic fruits and vegetables and the flowers nursery - a flower plantation for cut flowers and a florist pavilion.

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