On Laucala Island, we offer a great variety of fun activities so no matter what you takes your fancy.....we're sure that we can provide it.


The almost surreal clear water around Laucala Island resembles a kaleidoscope of almost innumerable green and blue colours and is extremely hard to resist, encouraging you to take part in the many water sports activities on offer. There is an unbelievable profusion of large and small fish to captivate the experienced deep-sea divers and rookies alike. The Laucala Island Water Sports Centre is well equipped with sophisticated sports equipment for guests who wish to try kite-surfing, sailing, diving, windsurfing, dragon boating, snorkelling or jet-skiing.

Game Fishing:

The waters of the South Pacific Ocean teem with fish and are right outside your front door, so it's only natural that you would want to go on an exciting fishing tour. The elegant ambiance of the resort's own Riviera Open Flybridge, the skill of the experienced skipper, the deep blue of the sea out beyond the lagoons, the culinary delicacies, fresh drinks and high-spirited atmosphere on board as well as - last but not least - the likelihood of a good catch, make for the perfect day on the open sea surrounding Laucala Island.

Horseback Riding:

There is nothing like galloping along the beach on a horse with the wind in your hair. This is true on Laucala Island too, where horse-riding on the fine sandy beach, through the plantations and coconut groves will unleash undreamt-of feelings of euphoria in even the most cynical realists. The athletic build and gentle nature of the Fijian horses will stir the emotions of not only experienced horsemen but beginners as well.

Cultural Village:

On Laucala Island, a traditional Fijian village has been replicated with the assistance of scholars. The imposing temple (bure kalou) and the spacious village hall create an impressive stage for traditional ceremonies and dances. The authentic connections with the islanders' cultural history make a trip to the South Seas an unforgettable event. The village also contains a wedding chapel for those couples captivated by the Laucala Island and wanting to experience an even more unforgettable holiday.

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