Laucala Island

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Laucala Island

Laucala Island


From being picked up from the Nadi hotel in the black Landrover, the flight in the private plane and being greeted by the staff and taken to our villa, filled us with the excitement of what was to come and you definitely lived a ‘Rockstar’ life, even for a few days.

What a fantastic place and some of the most beautiful people you can meet. We basically relaxed, ate and drank and it was exactly what we needed - the frequency of the rain didn’t bother us at all.

The villa was a wonderful mix of natural materials from the island and state of the art technology - the perfect haven!  The food was world class and there was no saying no to the variety and quantity, and all enjoyed with some beautiful French champagne.  The service was exceptional, in all areas of the island’s facilities.  The staff all remembered you and your name brought smiles to their faces.  The attention to detail and no expense spared attitude was the luxury you only read about, but this was the reality of Laucala Island.  What we also loved is the seclusion of not having the island full of guests.  The staff said that there is normally not more than 4-6 people, and have had 12 at the most.  That’s a true luxury for us.

When we were leaving and the staff sang to us, I had tears in my eyes...we were so moved by the people and island after only 3 days....that’s the specialness of this place.  We normally travel and tick off that experience and look for our new experience, but we are looking at returning next year for a few days after our 3 weeks in America.  It’ll be a great way to wind down before returning to our reality of work and life commitments.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Laucala Island experience, and we are still talking about everything.

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