Experiencing Chiva-Som

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Experiencing Chiva-Som

Experiencing Chiva-Som

I was fortunate enough to experience Chiva-Som during a Travel the World team building weekend in Bangkok.

It is truly a place of serenity and tranquillity. From the moment you enter the gates it is as if you enter a whole new magical world where you can leave all your worries behind. The staff are amazing and the treatments and facilities are of the best in the world.

The food at Chiva-Som was probably the biggest surprise. I never could have imagined that organic foods without any added salt, sugar and fats could be so tasty! I was won over straight away and bought a Chiva-Som cookbook to take home to try and re-create the amazing flavours and tastes.

I can highly recommend Chiva-Som to anyone. It will be a life changing experience. This is one to add to your “things to do before you die” list!

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