Vision & Values

About Us

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Produce a level of service, deliver communication and represent a quality of product that is seen by our clients as exceptional:
Our Principals - who must be confident that all is being done to represent them in the highest possible standards providing them with maximum returns
Our Industry Partners - should look at Travel the World as a benchmark of professionalism and a preference with whom to work
The Paying Discerning Traveller - regards any contact with Travel the World as highly professional and personal. They are made to feel that their holiday is as important to Travel the World as it is to them
Investment in our Hard Working People - Establish ourselves as an employer that offers a progressive approach to all areas of the business as well as seeking to provide consistent training and ultimately a business both engaging our valued people and offering a range of career paths


Teamwork - Strong leadership, clearly defined goals, cooperative efforts, dependability, fearlessness
Communication - Collaboration through considered, honest and meaningful conversations
Integrity - Loyal, responsible, truthfulness, self awareness
Work/Life Balance - Feeling supported, implementing health initiatives, prioritising personal wellbeing
Initiative - Action, drive, resourcefulness and energy
Respect - Awareness, Achievement and Acknowledgement